Treetank - ISCSI interface Module

This interface module for treetank adds functionality, making it possible to use it as a storage device for the jscsi target server.

How does it work?

The target is called in the same way any iscsi target is called. But there is no physical, nor logical storage device in the way of a hard disk or virtual image. The blocks a storage device normally uses to save data on are now being abstracted on to the node representation in treetank.

Following figure presents a small overview of how the data is mapped on to nodes in treetank.

Mapping of bytes to treetank nodes

Features currently implemented

  • For faster response times, requests are being cached for later submition into the storage.

  • Usage of different configurations for treetank, such as

    • Using different backends
    • Compression and encryption of the data
  • Supports all configuration possibilities of the common jscsi target.